• How is the artwork shipped?   depending on the amount of paintings or prints ordered I compare UPS, FedEX, and USPS to determine the cheapest shipping available!  I usually ship single orders of My Artwork UPS, Insured for $500
  • Will it come framed? Do I get to choose the frame?      All My artwork is sold Un-framed.  I do offer a selection of floating frames contact me directly at 330 323 2160 or computerartman@gmail.com to discuss framing options
  • How soon will I receive it?       For Shipping original artwork I use UPS ground!  I usually can pack and get it to them within 3 days & then its 3 to 5 days depending on where in the USA you are. International shipping takes longer but I will stay in contact with you and supply a tracking number for you to follow
  • What are the shipping costs?   depending on the amount of paintings or prints ordered I compare UPS, FedEX, and USPS to determine the cheapest shipping available!  But for Individual paintings or prints I use UPS because its the cheapest and its Dependable. The rates differ depending on where you are located in the world.  My goal is not to make money on the shipping, I am grateful for your purchase of my artwork and your appreciation of my craft. the website does estimate the shipping but I adjust and will let you know of the actual price to ship!  contact me at computerartman@gmail.com
  • Is the work insured? What do I do in case of damage?   I ship My Artwork UPS Insured for $500 Because I am a Tradigital  Artist and my artwork exist Partly (for Orig. Art) & completely (for Prints)  in Digital form & is backed up on the computer $500 will cover the costs to generate and ship a replacement piece of artwork or print. In the event of an Original piece of artwork being destroyed  I will reprint the digital painting and redo the acrylic painting needed to recreate another piece of original artwork for the buyer.  A Destroyed piece of Artwork is the only reason I would ever create another original!
  • Do you have a guarantee or return policy?   All artwork is 100% satisfaction upon delivery!  If it is damaged in shipping  contact me and we will begin working to get another piece of artwork or print to you!  If you are unsatisfied in any way return ship the artwork in an undamaged state and I will refund your purchase.  I feel its fair to split the shipping costs 50/50 so I pay to you and you pay to me.  I do have a lifetime commitment  to my paintings! Because  a good amount of the work put in to your painting is digital if anything happens to the painting and it is destroyed contact me and for a reduced fee I will recreate your painting to replace what you have lost!
  • Does the item come with a Certificate of Authenticity?  Yes Each original painting and Limited Edition digital canvas or metal print comes with a certificate of authenticity using  the Hahnemuhle  Fine Art  Hologram System.  each certificate has a Holograph and serial number sticker that matches the like sticker on the painting or the print.  The number and certificate is then registered  at MyArtregistry.com  a international art registry known throughout the world
  • How is it maintained or cleaned?       A damp cloth can be used to remove dust and dirt from the top of the canvas border otherwise the painted serface needs to be professionally cleaned like any other canvas acrylic painting.  Metal prints can be cleaned using water and a soft cloth to remove excess water and allow to air dry

Purchasing an original painting or limited edition prints

Watch the video below in which I explain how to purchase my Original artwork! Please go to the Computer Art Market My Original Art Along with Canvas and High quality photographic prints of all my artwork can be purchased there.  If you have any questions feel free to contact me any time at (330) 323 -2160