My First Real Write UP!

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Im in American Art Collector Magazine in the March edition ┬áIf you think I’ve been excited in the past wait until you see Xavier and I this week


YouTube Preview Image


  1. Now I’m excited too! Go! Go! Go!

  2. Love it! Cool Post! My god so many good things are happening. Good for you, taking care of your body. I will always say it, love your energy, I always close all social media just to see your post.

    • You are so kind yes so much is happening It is keeping me busy

  3. Jeff
    I love love love your new painting….It will be interesting to see where it goes next. I have always enjoyed your VLOGS because of your natural enthusiasm and honesty. Your words come from an honest place, a heartfelt place. I can relate to being the new kid on the block as well. And I can see you have a really healthy attitude about your first contest. Get your name out there anyway you can, winning an award is only icing on the cake. Winning is not everything. I wish I had half your enthusiasm. I really don’t know how you do it! Say HI to Xavier… I love his commentary too. It is fresh and free from critical analysis. Thanks for sharing so much with us all.

    • Thanks Kathy I really love your support! Im glad that you get out of the V-log exactly the message that I am trying to relay to anyone that will listen. Your words of r=encouragement keep me going full speed ahead.

  4. I enjoyed listening to your Vlog and describing the picture. I thought it was interesting to hear you describe the setting of the restaurant and the 2 ladies. It was interesting to hear how the light from the window impacted the design of the picture. I noticed that even though we did not see the ladies faces that it made me think about their lifestyle, personalities and about being a Senior Citizen. Thanks again for sharing your insight about the picture. Cheers!

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