Newest Work

Im on a roll this summer. Finishing my 4th painting of the season! This painting was designed to be a modern version of a Barn scape!  Using an extreme color palette and only staying true to reality in the colors of the Tree. I try to create conflict for the viewer by taking a calm and simple country setting and bursting its tranquility apart with an extreme vibrant color pallet. Defining the subject matter with colors that conflict with reality. Picking the tree to stay true to its self giving the painting something that the viewer can hold on to in reality, but questioning everything else! As i present this painting to you I can only hope that i have achieved a balance of conflict which keeps your interest and doesn’t drive you away!


“Amish Day Sunset”

Amish Day Sunset Flat final CC 16x20 for web

Introducing my newest piece. I have now officially taken the plunge into Surrealism!

“Cross Roads”

Is my newest painting. I used this painting to heal my soul and work out some things that have plagued me my whole life! This painting is a depiction of my life and a cleansing of sorts of my soul! please enjoy Cross Roads!

MY Surrealistic painting and a tribute to Dali

MY Surrealistic painting and a tribute to Dali

Introducing my newest piece, just finished

“State Of Blue Illumination #5”

Inspired by the first time I went to the top of the Empire State Building in 1992. I went to the top with my father. I will never forget that night. It was so special to me. So, It was only fitting that I made the trip back, 22 years later, traveling with both my daughters!  My goal was to share that unforgettable experience and produce a special painting that would create the same memories my father gave to me.

A Night on the Town In Manhattan!

A Night on the Town In Manhattan!

My Newest Commission

“Mushrooms to Heaven”

I like to take the simpler paintings and develop my technique. In this painting I tried to use long flowing brush strokes to move you freely

through the painting. Similar to Van Gough when he painted the olive orchards in Italy!

Mushrooms to Heaven

My Holiday Painting Is Finished Just in time! Inspired by a winters day visit to

the Ceadar Creek Winery I new I had to paint it as soon as I saw it


White Winery

Happy Holidays get your $1.00 digital download

My Gift to You!


Good enough for producing up to a 11×14 print

or use it for your desktop!

White Winery DD

“Jungle Fever” Is My newest Tradigital/Digital Painting.  This piece has over 327 hrs  and 1.7million brushstrokes

It is another evolution in my Digital/acrylic painting process please enjoy

Jungle Fever

Jungle Fever

Although some of my paintings take on a photographic appearance.

Every piece of art on my website is a Tradigital/Digital painting which is reproduced as a canvas and then painted

on with acrylic paints. Creating a one of a kind piece of art!

Introducing My second cityscape!

Cleveland Rocks the USA

I can not believe the clip I have started to produce my pieces at! It is so exciting!

A City scape of Cleveland from the shores of Lake Erie

A City scape of Cleveland from the shores of Lake Erie

Introducing the finished Digital Painting

“Mark it Zero”

This painting has been created for  “The Dude Abides” Show which has A Big Lebowski Theme

It will be Friday Oct. 25th at my Gallery the Dreg Spot  inside 2nd April Galerie in Canton OH


Created for The Dude Abides show

Created for The Dude Abides show

“Sedimentary Lift”

This commission is special to me being the first painting I was asked to do acknowledging my talent!

Sedimentary Uplift website 1

Fresh off the Digital Painting Easel

The Mysterious Absinthe Drinker

Click on the Paintings below to see a larger more detailed version

In collaboration with Rod Jones I present

Bright lights Big City