About Me

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Im Interviewed By Joyce Creiger on ArtSpecifier.com

My Mission

 I am taking the genres of fine art and digital art and pushing them into new areas. I take digitally produced images and paint them into pieces of fine art; fresh, exciting concepts combining these two techniques are pushing the boundaries of art and technology. Breathtaking detailing and rich, expressive subject matter come together to produce originals and prints of incredible quality. This is my passion with art 

The Man

I am happily married for 28 years with 4 children living in Canton Ohio. My oldest son is 25, Working his way up in the Culinary field In Sandiego. My oldest daughter is 23 and living with her fiancee in Canton OH. My 22 year old daughter is a senior on the Presidents List @ Kent State Honors College, Majoring in International Political Science and currently has been accepted to NYU’s Grad School . My youngest Son is 15, a 9th grader at GlenOak High School. He loves playing the Saxophone & football. My wife has many irons in the fire. She is a Birth and Postpartum Doula, a Avon Leadership Rep. & has a store on E-bay.  If you want to know more follow her links I have posted in the Links area. I have a saying, “No matter how good or bad things get the sun is going to rise and its going to set and only you can choose what to do in between!” 

The Artist

1980-I began as my father’s apprentice at Air Artworks. I studied at UW Milwaukee and MIAD. 1984-I worked full time as a commercial artist for Altered Images Inc.. 1989-We transitioned from conventional to computer art, on a Quantel Graphic Paintbox. The studio mastered Macintosh-1992 to present. My expertise is photoshop for illustration, digital manipulation, photo enhancement, and Fine Art Digital/Acrylic painting.  I am a freelance illustrator, & Tradigital Fine Artist, shooting and manipulating photography- for Digital Creation Station, LTD. I have worked with many art directors, photographers, designers, and other artists to create thousands of digital images. I love every minute of it and look forward to developing new techniques to showcase in future Computer Art enhanced pieces.